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Our Mission

"Our Ministry is Our Duty"

At Basketball Factory, we think it is vitally important to give back to our communities as a witness to others, for the glory of the gospel.  We  participate in local charities, helping in any way we can to give back. 

Our Team

Coach Aldin in-game coaching


Director + Head Coach


Coach Aldin has extensive knowledge teaching basketball to young adults for more than 15 years.  As a former USport (formerly CIS, CIAU) all-star, Aldin was a All-Canadian performer in his first two years while at the University of Winnipeg.  He was named to the National All-Rookie Team, GPAC 1st Team All-star, Canwest All-star and All-Canadian.  As a high school player, he was named Provincial Player of the Year, All-first Team Performer, All-Canadian 3rd Team, National Juvenile Tournament 1st Team All-star and one of the few invited to the All-Canadian Nike Invitational Camp.  En route to playing professional basketball overseas in one of the highest divisions in Europe, Aldin discovered he had a torn ACL in his right knee, which had lead to osteo-arthritis and deteriorated cartilage.  In a quick turn of events, Aldin came to Calgary rather than playing basketball, started a family and has turned his focus on developing his two boys, Shaydin and Sayvian, to become outstanding basketball players.  His developmental skills are apparent  in any player he gets a hold of and his character is something to be admired.  Aldin truly cares about each and every athlete he trains and not only teaches basketball, but also life skills.  He stresses the importance of attitude, teamwork, accountability, determination and character.


"Basketball is not everything, but it can be used a resourceful tool that can leave a lasting impression.  Teaching basketball and character helps develop good habits that can make a huge difference in the lives of so many people.  Not everyone can make the NBA, but everyone can do their best to make a positive change in their lives and the lives of others!" 

Shaydin Smalling and Coach Ron Leslie


Head Coach + Assistant


Coach Junior has more than 20 years coaching youth basketball.  He is a former standout All-Canadian while playing at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and the prestigious Brandon Bobcats program, which is a historical basketball powerhouse.  The Bobcats have won National Championships in 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1996 and have made the Championship game 8 times.  Ron Leslie Jr. was the second leading scorer during two of those championship runs, though in defeat, in 2000 and 2001.  He has played on National TV during the final games in back to back seasons on TSN and had a huge impact on the game, scoring in many different ways.  A 6'7 wing player, Junior has the ability to play and teach on the wing as well as on the block.  He has developed many players throughout the years and his players have always loved playing for him.  Junior stresses the importance of doing it right and understands how to develop players of all ages.   


"Having a great attitude can be contagious.  But it's a good thing to have leaders of men.  The more we can create, the better this world will be.  Attitude, hard work and understanding and mindsets that cultivate of culture of success on and off the court." 

Coach Simone Smalling beautiful


MANAGER + Assistant


Simone is a former High School player who has loved and played the game since she was a child. The sister of two Canadian University basketball stars, and cousin to many other former university basketball players, Simone has been entrenched in the game for more than 3 decades.

Growing up in a basketball family, Simone always had someone special to look up to and it was always hard to try and fill their shoes. She is a mother who is dedicated to push and see her two boys make it to a high level and has the patient and passion to work with kids to see them reach their potential. 

Simone is the wife of Director and Coach Aldin Smalling, so she has first hand insight to everything basketball related.  From 1 on 1 training sessions to individual workouts to team practices and film sessions, Simone has been involved at all levels of grassroots basketball. She is dedicated and passionate about helping kids achieve their highest goals on and off the court.   


I believe in Faith, Motivation and Hard work." 

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